Friday, November 18, 2011

Speedster-Desoto-Lincoln Road Test Comparo

A good friend gave me a June, 1955 (June) copy of the magazine “Motor Life”. It has a number of road tests and one is of a Studebaker Speedster. It’s interesting reading about what drivers thought of cars back in the day. The writer (Ken Fermoyle) was generally quite pleased with the Speedster dinging it only for the 4 ½ turns of steering, the comparable Desoto was 3 ½ turns; there was no ding for Lincoln with the same 4 ½ turns. I thought it very interesting that the Speedster ran 24.53 MPH per 1000 RPM thus 73.6 MPH at 3000 RPM. My geek-like thought process led to comparisons, all road tests were with automatic trannys, here goes.
Detail ------Studebaker Speedster
Rear Axle Ratio --3.54
Weight ----3250 Pounds
Cubic Inches -----259.2
Horsepower -----185
Pounds per HP-----16.89 Pounds
Quarter Mile Run---20 Seconds—80MPH
Torque -------------258 Pounds at 2800
Zero to 60 MPH----10 Seconds
Top Speed---------110 MPH
Detail Desoto Fireflight
Rear Axle Ratio-----3.54
Weight--------------4300 Pounds
Cubic Inches--------291
Pounds per HP-------21.5 Pounds
Quarter Mile Run-----19 Seconds--
Torque--------------274 Pounds at 2800
Zero to 60 MPH------12.5 Seconds
Top Speed---------105 MPH
Detail of Lincoln Capri
Cost ----------------$3910
Rear Axle Ratio------3.07
Cubic Inches -------341
Horsepower --------225 HP
Quarter Mile Run-----18.9 Seconds
Zero to 60 MPH------12.5 Seconds
Weight--------------4510 Pounds
Top Speed----------105 MPH
I think advantage Speedster mostly due to its weight advantage. It’s of note to recall that Studebaker’s V8 of 1954 had only 120 Horsepower so the Speedster in 1955 enjoyed the benefits of Studebaker’s decision to up the power by 65 HP or 54% year to year!