Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Winter Saga

On a cold snowy Saturday we got up early to visit my Grandkids in Syracuse. After coffee Joanne went to the bathroom for paint-up, fix-up before we left. I had plenty of time for sure so I thought I’d get the 2nd car we borrowed from daughter Karen going. We had about 16 inches or so of snow overnight and it was 13 degrees out. I started the little Pontiac and promptly got it stuck. I got out to shovel out the wheels while the engine ran, shut the door and found it had locked automatically with the slight motion I had achieved. Figured about 8 hours for AAA. Yikes

This was an Ah s—t moment for sure, the car was running, doors locked with the single set of keys inside and we were to leave in a couple of minutes. For whatever reason I had picked up a slim-jim door opener a couple of years ago at a car show. I was astounded that I knew where it was. Trekked through the snowdrifts in the back yard and got the tool. I fit it between the window and rubber seal, played around for 5 minutes developing a ghetto skill, Walla, it opened as I hummed the theme song from “chariots of fire, ” success, sweet success.

Finally got the car unstuck and drove at 40MPH to Syracuse over lousy roads in the snow. Proceeded to get stuck on Son’s road in Syracuse. The neighbor fired up his 4-wheel drive; I found out I’m a bit too wide to get under the front and hook up the chain. Neighbor hooked us up and yanked us out, success again.

We tired ourselves out playing with the Grandkids and headed home slowly over roads still medium crappy and snow covered. It had warmed up to 18 degrees.
Boy, there's nothing as much fun as winter in Upstate NY but Florida on December 30th, priceless.

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