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Speedster & President helpful articles listing

Speedster and President model of 1955; Significant Books, essays, magazines and Articles

This is my list of what I’ve found helpful in trying to understand the Automobiles of the fifties and Studebaker’s place in the marketplace. My main interest is in the Speedster since I have always admired its look and general, factory hot-rod demeanor. I realize it’s not complete and would appreciate any additions that I’ve missed to add to it.

I own the following magazines, books and articles.
--Turning Wheels, May 2000; The back cover picture and write-up on Page 12 is my Speedster.
--Studebaker, The complete History by Patrick Foster (Motorbooks (2008)
--Nostalgic Cars, July 1988, (pages 32 & 33)
--Special Interest Autos, June 1979, (Cover, page 34 to 41 and page 65)
--Turning Wheels, May 1978, Speedster Road test , Article on the “South Bend secret Speedster”
--Hemmings Motor News, March 2006, (Page 20 to 24 & cover)
--Motor Life, June 1955, Speedster Drivers Report (pages 36, 37, and 61)
--Turning Wheels, February 1994 (Pages 6 thru 21) My own Speedster and text with picture on page #11
--Collectible Automobile, October 1998, (Page 42 thru 51) My Speedster featured on pages 48 & 49 with text and four pictures of it.
--Collectible Automobile, February 2000, (Pages 8 thru 21) Speedster article pgs.20, 21
--Motor Trend, November 1954, (Pages 11 & 12, with 54 to 59) On President model.
--Motor Life, February 1955, (Pages 34, 35 and 66 on only the President model)
--Motor Trend, December 1954, (Pages 22 & 23) Great article on competitors engines on pages 24 thru 28.
--Car and Parts, March 1983, (Page 26 to 29) on President Model.
--Car Life, February 1955, (Page 23 to 25 on President model only)
--Motor Trend, March 1955, Speedster ad page 3, (President model on pages 24 and 25, Champion article on pages 20 and 21)
--Speed Age, April 1953, Road test of 53 Commander
Consumer Reports, March 1955, (Commander model, pages 124 thru 126.)
--Studebaker Buyers Guide, By Richard Langworth published by Motorbooks. Speedster covered on pages 87 thru 89.
--Turning Wheels, May 1980. 1955 Economy Run article, 1953 road test, Mechanical Power Steering article.
--Turning Wheels, May 1986, Automatic Transmission development article.

The following Books, magazines and articles listing is of known, maybe seen but not owned by me.
--Car Collector, March 1989 by Dennis Adler
--Bob Bourke Designs for Studebaker , 1984 by J.B. Enterprises
--Automobile Topics, October 1954
--Automobile Industries, October 1954
--Automobile Industries, December 1954
--Auto Age, 1954
--Auto Age, February 1955 (road Test)
--Auto Album by Ted Burness
--Studebaker, The complete Story, Tab Books, 1981 by Fred Fox
--Cars Magazine, 1955, reprinted in June 1979 Turning Wheels
--Consumer Reports, May 1955
--Science & Mechanics, December 1954 Cover and article
--Turning Wheels, June 1982, pages 3 to 13 by Fred Fox
--Chiltons Motor Age, October 1954
--The Studebaker Century. Printed by Dragonwyck, written by Richard Langworth
--Automotive Engineering, April of 1981
--Motor Trend, September 1955, Champion only
--Studebaker, The postwar years, Motorbooks, R. Langworth, 1979
--Car Life, magazine, May 1955, “The Studebaker Speedster”
--Motor Life magazine, “South Bends secret Speedster” December 1954, reprinted in the May 1978 TW, (I have the TW)
--Motor Trend, September 1955, Studebaker Speedster, reprinted in January 1976 Turning Wheels
--Popular Science, May 1955
--Popular Science, November 1954
--Turning Wheels, January, 1976
--Turning Wheels, June 1979

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